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Registration is Mandatory

Registration is the formal process of selecting, recording, obtaining approval of courses, and paying fees. Paying of fees is inextricably linked to the registration process. Each student accepted to pursue a programme of study at CASE and those who have met eligibility criteria for promotion are required to register in person at the beginning of each semester on the dates specified, by completing and submitting a registration form. You become an officially registered student of CASE only after completing the required steps in the registration process, including payment of fees. Registration allows you the full privileges of student membership at CASE. Conversely, if you are unregistered, you are not recognized as a student of CASE and you will not be allowed to attend classes or avail yourself of services and privileges normally provided for registered students. Registration for courses means that you have also registered for the examinations for those courses. If you are absent, without acceptable reasons, from examinations in courses for which you registered, you will be deemed to have failed such courses.

How to Register

When you report to the Registration Centre, you will be provided with a registration form and given specific instructions about the steps to follow. The following documents should be taken to the Registration Centre: New Students: Fee payment voucher, a copy of your letter of acceptance, and proof of undergoing a medical examination. Promoted or Returning Students: Fee payment vouchers; student identification card; a copy of your letter of invitation (“promotion letter”) to return to the College or letter of permission to repeat a course or courses.

Registration Form

On the Registration Form you must list personal information (e.g. name, address, programme of study, date of birth, admission status). You also use the registration form to list your courses for the semester and obtain required faculty approvals (signatures). The completed registration form is part of your permanent records, therefore it must be filled out neatly and legibly; neither should you mutilate nor damage it in any way; extra copies of the registration form will be at a cost to you.

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Provisional Registration

If you avail of yourself of the CASE “Easi-Pay” Fee Payment Plan (see details below herein), your registration will be provisional until full payment of fees is made.

Late Registration

Penalties, including payment of a late registration fee, apply to students who fail to register within the scheduled registration period, but who do so within the period for late registration. At the end of the scheduled registration period (including the period for late registration), any unregistered individual discovered in the College will be asked to withdraw immediately and register at the beginning of the corresponding semester in the following academic year. Only in very rare and exceptional circumstances, and with special permission of the President, will you be allowed to register after the registration period for a given semester has closed. CASE reserves the right not to register an individual after the close of registration, although he/she may have been attending classes.

Change of Registration: Adding or Dropping Courses

If you wish to make subsequent changes to your course registration, you may do so during the add/drop period
(as per the date indicated in the academic calendar) by completing and submitting the appropriate form to the Registry.

The period for adding courses is two weeks from the official start of a given semester. Courses may be dropped up to four weeks before the start of final examinations, without academic penalty. Where applicable, refunds of fees will be pro-rated when courses are dropped.

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Official Class Lists of Registered Students

Class lists of the names of students who are duly registered will be prepared by the Registry, and sent to the Academic and Support Units. If you are not registered, your name will not appear on the lists and you will not be admitted to classes or service centres by Lecturers and Support Staff.

Making Fee Payments

Payment Vouchers

The registration process includes fee payment, which is to be made in full by Registration Day. Vouchers provided by the College are to be used when making payments at the Bank indicated. Each voucher consists of four parts. The Bank will keep one part and you are to keep the ‘Students copy”. Please ensure that the Bank stamps your payment voucher. The “School” and “File” copies of the Voucher are to be presented at the Registration Centre or the office of the Director of Finance. Note, too, that fees are payable on a per semester basis (i.e., 50% of the annual fee is payable in full each semester). If you are sponsored (e.g. SLB, NYS, JAMVAT, Scholarship or Member of Parliament, etc), you must submit documentary proof of such sponsorship at Registration, to enable you to complete the process.

Fees for Residential Students

Fees for residential students include accommodation and meals in an inseparable all-inclusive package.

Failure to Pay Fees

If you fail to pay your fees or make arrangements satisfactory to us to do so, you will not be allowed to register, you will have to pay a surcharge (if you accessed the “Easi-Pay” Fee Payment Plan), and you will be barred from sitting examinations.

Fee Payment Beyond The Normal Period of Study

If you extend your period of study beyond the normal duration of the programme you are pursuing, you will be charged fees on a per credit hour basis for courses, at the prevailing rate.

Caution Fee

Each student is required to pay a caution fee to cover the cost of damage to college property, equipment, appliances, furniture and fixtures, etc, caused by students’ negligence or willful acts.
Students may be held responsible as individuals or as groups (where individuals are not clearly identifiable). This caution fee is determined by the Administration and is payable at Registration as part of your fees. Students may apply for a refund of the caution fee three (3) months after they have completed their programmes of study. If the Caution Fee is depleted before a student completes his/her programme of study, it must be replenished to the prescribed level. Any outstanding liability to the College will be deducted before any refunds are made.

Accident & Health Insurance and Medical Expenses

Accident and Health Insurance coverage are provided for Students by contracted service providers. Details about these plans are available at the offices of the Directors of Student Affairs & Finance. Students are responsible for their medical expenses. Students with chronic illnesses are strongly encouraged to access benefits under the National Health Fund. (Tel: 1 -888-NHFCARE; Website:

Fee Refund Policy

Refund of fees will be made as outlined in the table below upon official withdrawal of a student from a programme of study at CASE, or the dropping of courses in the non-subsidized programmes, or under other applicable circumstances (e.g. voluntary change of residential status). To be official, withdrawal or dropping of courses must be in writing and submitted to the Registrar. The date on which the withdrawal request is received by the Registrar will be used for computing any refund. “Days of classes” are days on which classes are scheduled. There will be no refunds of registration, service charges and other fees expressly stated as being non-refundable. If you are expelled, suspended or have your residential privilege cancelled, you will not be entitled to any refund of fees.

Other Fees and Surcharges

Additional fees and/or surcharges are applicable to various activities and circumstances; students will also be charged for replacing/repairing College property they lose and/or damage. Please note that some of these surcharges are avoidable and will apply only if you fail to do something that you are required to do, or do something that you should not do.

Options For Financing Your Education

In addition to personal funds, there are a number of sources from which you may avail yourself of financial assistance to fund your education. These include: The Students’ Loan Bureau; Scholarships; Bursaries; On-Campus Employment; and Financial Institutions Offering Educational Loans.

Students’ Loan Bureau (SIB)

Students pursuing tertiary-level programmes at CASE, who qualify, will be able to borrow the FULL cost of their tuition fees from the Students’ Loan Bureau, to finance their studies, because CASE is an approved institution. The SLB also otters grants to very needy students. The SLB Handbook provides details of its loan application process and requirements. In addition to the Bureau, Loan Application Forms may be obtained from our Guidance Counselors and the Office of the Director of Finance. Contact information for the Students’ Loan Bureau is as follows:

Student’s Loan Bureau
Mutual Life Building, North Tower
5th Floor, 2 Oxford Road, Kingston 5
Tel: (876) 754-2559 • Toll Free: 1-888-991-2603
SLB Website: • E-mail:

Financial Institutions Offering Educational Loans

Several financial institutions such as Banks, Credit Unions, and Building Societies also offer educational loans. You are strongly encouraged to explore these options, if you are unable to fund your education from other sources.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Several scholarships and bursaries are available each year through the generosity several individuals and organizations. Details of eligibility criteria and application procedures will be advertised by the Registry.