Classes resume at CASE

Protesting students at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education in Portland have decided to return to classes tomorrow (October 26).

This following a meeting with the president, Rev. Dr. Mary Nichols this afternoon, where issues presented in a nine-point letter, which  was submitted to her for the first time the day before, were addressed.

Dr. Nichols outlined mutual respect and honest open dialogue as the terms of engagement, as she went through the document, addressing the issues one by one to the student population. Majority of the issues presented pre-dates her by periods of up to even a year and a half. But, it was noted that in her 55th day on the job she has actually taken steps to address every one of those hanging issues.

“A Physics teacher was hired, new computers are being procured as we speak and the additional school nurse is to begin duties November 1. The nurse who servers the East Campus resigned long before I got here and recognizing that in September when I took office I immediately hired a nurse to work during specified times of the day, while the other resident nurse is on call,” Dr. Nichols explained.

The students protest came after they were denied keeping a Beach Party on the College campus on Friday.

Allegedly, with the covert support of some faculty members students have since inverted the issues and decided to take their grouses to the media.

Early morning, Chairman of the Board of Management, Mr. Barrington Wahrmann issued a directive instructing all protesting students to leave the College compound before midday and that all others should resume classes.

Since Dr. Nichols took up her Secondment at the institution, she has pledged to enforce the rules as laid out in the Student’s Handbook and the CASE Scheme Order, improve internal and external customer service and communication and to further the infrastructural development of the institution to move it to university status.

Rev. Dr. Mary Nichols leaves the island with a team of four of her staff members tomorrow, to attend the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASDC) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. On Monday (September 24) she sent Animal Science Lecturer, Mr. Gath Scott off to a training course in Israel.
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College of Agriculture, Science and Education
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