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HomeBlogswww-admin's blogBreadfruit Porridge Mix
Breadfruit Porridge Mix

Breadfruit Porridge Mix

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Passley Gardens: The College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) has collaborated with the

Trees That Feed Foundation to launch the Breadfruit porridge mix to be introduced as part of the public

At a tasting session of the innovative commodity at the college this morning, Regional Director for the

Ministry of Education, Region Two, Ms. Janet Brimm welcomed the move as she was assured about the

College President, Rev’d Dr. Mary A. Nichols, suggested that Nutrition Products Limited, be part of the

collaboration to have the breadfruit porridge mix efficiently distributed to schools within Region Two.

She expressed optimism about this new venture to work with the Trees That Feed Foundation to ensure

The shelf life of the product is said to be one year; three to five months without refrigeration and can last

for up to two years if refrigerated immediately after opening.

The college which has approximately three hectares of the staple already has breadfruit flour on the

The Regional Director further invited the Colleges’ Hospitality and Tourism Management Unit and

Agriculture Faculty to stage a massive showcase of ways to prepare the staple at the next regional

There are a number of other initiatives as part of the collaboration between CASE and the Trees That

Feed Foundation. The breadfruit porridge mix is being marketed under the Diamond Ridge Processors.




Dr. Seymour Webster – CASE Agriculture Faculty Staff tasting the breadfruit porridge  mix (breadfruit flitters is on plate as well)



Rev’d. Dr. Mary A. Nichols - College President enjoying the breadfruit porridge mix



Ms. Janet Brimm – Ministry of Education, Region Two Director suggesting that the younger children will enjoy the breadfruit porridge with cow’s milk



   Persons participating in the Breadfruit porridge


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27 May, 16

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