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Dean - Faculty of Education

Mrs. Norma Williams

Msc. Education Technology

Ba. History with Social Sciences

Dip. Primary Education

The Faculty of Education is the natural successor to the Passley Gardens Teachers’ College (PGTC). It is mandated to prepare students for service in the field of Education, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Business Studies, catering especially to those in Eastern Jamaica. Consistent with CASE’s mission, the Faculty's intention is to prepare and develop individuals who are professionally qualified, articulate, culturally aware, environmentally and health conscious, morally sensitive, ethically motivated and service oriented; and in so doing respond to the needs of Jamaica for persons dedicated to excellence and to increase productivity in their chosen fields. Members of faculty also serve the community in a myriad of outreach roles.

The Faculty of Education carries out its core functions through two departments:

  • Department of Humanities and Aesthetics
  • Department of Educational Studies


General Education courses are offered through this department. These courses not only enhance students’ awareness of the world and the people in it but also foster an appreciation of the arts and humanities. Through these courses students learn to think, interpret, make informed decisions and analyze the world.

The primary aim of these courses is to educate, train, and to instill a desire for lifelong learning and service to the society. Specifically, these courses are designed to produce graduates who have developed; an effective command of written and spoken English Language; an informed appreciation of the roles of the Arts and the Humanities; a familiarity with the nature and function of the Social Sciences; an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry; the ability to deal with moral and ethical issues; a rational basis for selecting a vocation; an understanding of other cultures and milieu; and comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied.


This department offers all the pedagogical courses required to prepare students to become competent, professional and effective teachers at varying levels of the education system. Specifically, the courses offered are designed to help students to understand the theories of learning and their relationship to teaching and learning strategies. The student will discover how to instruct and engage pupils through enrichment of the classroom experience. Students will learn how to enhance the curriculum through the use of current instructional and communication technologies in the learning environment.

Faculty of Education Academic Programmes
  • Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Hospitality Studies
  • Associate of Science Degree in Business Studies
  • Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Associate of Science Degree in Culinary Arts
  • Associate of Science Degree in Resorts Studies
  • Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood
  • Associate of Science Degree in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Education - Primary & Secondary
  • Bachelor’s in Education Degree - via Advanced Standing for Diploma Trained Teachers
  • Bachelor of Education - Early Childhood
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
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