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Animal Science Faculty -HOD- Dr. Robert Logan- Msc. Agricultural & Rural Development, Bsc. Veterinary Science

Plant, Soil Sciences and Engineering - HOD- Mr. Rowan Briscoe – Msc. Plant Science, Bsc. Agronomy and Environmental Science, Asc. Agriculture, Dip. Education





Ms. Sukkasini Thissaverasingan - Plant Production Protection (Lecture & Lab), Agriculture Production Technology (Turf Management)

Mr. Spencer Jarrett - Ornamental Gardening & Landscaping (Lecture & Lab), Agriculture Production Technology (Orchard Crop), Intro. to Ornamental Gardening & Landscaping (Lecture & Lab)

Mrs. Donna Lamey - Intro. to Human Nutrition, Business Law, Food Quality Assurance, Food Processing Technology

Mr. Colenso Campbell, Major Jonathan Lamey, Mr. Lemonious - Farm Power & Machinery (Lecture & Lab), Land Surveying, Agriculture Production Technology.

Ms. Lillieth Clarke - Integrated Pest Management (Lecture & Lab), Agriculture Production Technology, Horticulture & Urban Agiculture

Mr. Milton Gager - Intro. to Horticulture (Lecture & Lab), Agriculture Production Technology

Ms. Nadine McFarlane - Intro. to Horticulture (Lecture), Agriculture Production Technology, Horticulture  (Labs), Agriculture Mathematics

Mr. Christopher Mundle - Fundamental of Soil & Soil Fertility (Lecture & Labs), Agriculture Production Technology, Bio Conversion (Lecture & Labs), Soil Fertility Management

Mr. Michael Betty - Fundamental of Soil & Soil Fertility (Lecture & Labs), Agriculture Production Technology

Dr. Seymour Webster - Agriculture Production Technology, Horticulture, Soil Conservation & Watershed Management (Lecture & Labs)

Dr. Dian Medley - Animal Breeding & Selection, Plant Breeding (Lecture & Labs)

Mr. Glenville Hall, Dr.  Nathaniel Christie - Agriculture Extension, Behavioural Physiology

Mr. Jerzeno Bailey - International Marketing

Mr. Markland Murphy - Computer Aided Construction in Agriculture (Lecture & Labs)

Dr. Duane Biggs - Food Chemistry and Lab Methods

Dr. Mark Gooden - Small Ruminant Production (1 & 2)


Mr. Carl Brown - Methods in Teaching Agri 2, Poultry Science

Dr. Robert Logan - Animal Health, Agricultural Production Technology

Dr. Yaset Aldana - Poultry Production, Agricultural Production Technology, Animal Behaviour & Welfare, Companion and Lab Animal Husbandry

Mr. Mickey Crawford - Swine and Poultry Production, Agricultural Production Technology 1, Beef, Dairy, & Equine Science

Dr. Judian Maye - Clinical & Lab Procecures, Anatomy and Physiology of Farm, AGPT

Mr. Peter Hanson - Agricultural Production Technology 1, Pig Production, Swine Science, Intro. to Turf Management

Mr. Garth Scott - Aquaculture, Agricultural Production Technology 1

Mr. Sean Yates - Agricultural Production Technology 1 & 2

Ms. Danique Dorma - Agricultural Production Technology 1 & 2

Mr.Harris Gordon - Agricultural Production Technology 1 & 2

Mr. Gary Myels - Agricultural Production Technology 1 & 2

Mr. Michael Williamson - Intro. to Research Methods Statistics

Mr. Cecil Willis, Mr. Kwesi Palmer - Apiculture