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Campus Accommodation

Residency on campus is not automatic nor is it a right, and will normally be for semesters 1 and 2.   Students pursuing programmes in agriculture are given priority in the assignment of on-campus housing. Available spaces for an on-campus living are limited.

 Students desirous of being considered for on-campus housing should obtain, complete and submit an application to the Directorate of Student Affairs. If housing is NOT available, students should make arrangements for their own off-campus accommodation. A list of available places may be obtained from the Directorate of Student Affairs.

West Campus

Nuttall Male Dormitory

Location: East Wing (Above Student Affairs Offices)

Nuttall Female Dormitory

Location: Old Female Dorm

Cousins Hall Male Dormitory

Location: West Wing

Cousins Hall Female Dormitory

Location: New Female Dorm

East Campus

Rendle Hall Female Dormitory

Location: A Dorm

Rendle Hall Multi-sex Dormitory

Location: B Dorm

Olivier Hall Multi-sex Female Dormitory

Location: C Dorm

Olivier Hall Female Dormitory

Location: D Dorm 


The college operates two cafeterias, one on each campus, which provide cooked, nutritious meals.

A significant quantity of the food consumed in the cafeteria is produced on the college’s farm.

Students are required to adhere to the dining hall’s Code of Conduct at all times – violations will attract sanctions