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Campus Accommodation

Residency on campus is not automatic nor is it a right, and will normally be for semesters 1 and 2.   Students pursuing programmes in agriculture are given priority in the assignment of on-campus housing. Available spaces for an on-campus living are limited.

 Students desirous of being considered for on-campus housing should obtain, complete and submit an application to the Directorate of Student Affairs. If housing is NOT available, students should make arrangements for their own off-campus accommodation. A list of available places may be obtained from the Directorate of Student Affairs.

West Campus

Nuttall Male Dormitory

Location: East Wing (Above Student Affairs Offices)

Nuttall Female Dormitory

Location: Old Female Dorm

Cousins Hall Male Dormitory

Location: West Wing

Cousins Hall Female Dormitory

Location: New Female Dorm

East Campus

Rendle Hall Female Dormitory

Location: A Dorm

Rendle Hall Multi-sex Dormitory

Location: B Dorm

Olivier Hall Multi-sex Female Dormitory

Location: C Dorm

Olivier Hall Female Dormitory

Location: D Dorm 


The college operates two cafeterias, one on each campus, which provide cooked, nutritious meals.

A significant quantity of the food consumed in the cafeteria is produced on the college’s farm.

Students are required to adhere to the dining hall’s Code of Conduct at all times Рviolations will attract sanctions