The core function of the library is to provide easy access to information to all clients.


East Campus Library

This caters to the students pursuing the following programmes: B.Ed in Primary and Secondary teaching, and Associate Degrees in Business Administration, Agri Business Management and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

West Campus Library

This caters primarily for students pursuing the following programmes: Diploma in Agriculture, Associate degrees in General Agriculture, Agricultural Education, Natural Science, and the Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Studies and the Bachelor of Technology degrees in Environmental Science and Agri-Food Systems.The College Libraries were built in 1982 to accommodate the then agricultural school and the Teachers’ college programmes.

Access to Library Services

There is access to library services for all students and staff working or affiliated with CASE. This is related to the main campus as well as off campus sites:

  • Ebony Park
  • Browns Town
  • Kingston

All library users are aware of the library services as this is communicated during orientation. In addition, clientele are aware of the library services by announcements at the weekly assembly exercises, library brochures, and fact sheets.

Clients can communicate with library staff and other users via: e-mail, fax, telephone, postal service and the college’s web page.

library 1

All Library staff are aware of and comply with copyright laws, and rules about plagiarism. They are aware of the role of JAMCOPY- the local copyright body responsible for copyright protection in Jamaica.

A copyright poster is placed close to the photocopy machine to remind students of the limit of photocopying.

Electronic Databases

A collection of electronic content for all residents including e-books and e-journals is available to all users. EBSCOhost, Springer, TEEAL and Ebrary databases are available for all library users to use.

Internet Access

All library users have equitable access by networked facilities to some library resources. This enables users to have access to them from within and outside the library. In fact any where students with internet access are located they can access the resources using a password system. Every student gets a password.

The Libraries boast two (2) Internet Cafés with a total of thirty stations providing internet access and other computer based programmes for students use.

Wireless Internet Access

This new service is available in and around the library and is widely used by students and staff.

Online Databases