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CCRIF¬†SCHOLARSHIP¬†PROGRAMME¬†2022 ‚Äď postgraduate scholarships

CCRIF SPC is now inviting applications from citizens of CARICOM member countries and CCRIF member countries in the Caribbean for postgraduate studies in areas such as disaster risk management (DRM), disaster risk financing, natural resources management, risk management, climate change, civil with environmental engineering, actuarial science, and meteorology.

The following scholarships for postgraduate study are being offered:

1 Extra-Regional Scholarship

Value: up to US$40,000

Students must be admitted to a university in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada for study in areas related to DRM, Climate Change, Environment, Engineering, Actuarial Science etc.

6 Caribbean Scholarships

Value: up to US$11,000 each

Students must be admitted to: University of the West Indies; University of Technology, Jamaica; Northern Caribbean University (Jamaica); University of Guyana; University of Suriname; or University of Trinidad and Tobago in areas similar to the extra-regional scholarship

Application deadline: June 1, 2022 

Details are available at:

CCRIF¬†SCHOLARSHIP¬†PROGRAMME¬†2022 ‚Äď Undergraduate scholarships

CCRIF also provides undergraduate scholarships tenable at The University of the West Indies through the CCRIF-UWI Scholarship Programme.

4 undergraduate scholarships per year to cover 2nd and final year

  • Value US$4,000 per year (2nd¬†and final year)
  • Students must apply at the end of their 1st¬†year
  • Students must be registered at one of the UWI campuses and pursuing select degrees related to DRM, civil engineering, geography, geology, environmental management etc.
  • Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 at the end of 1st¬†year and this must be maintained during their 2nd¬†and 3rd¬†years.

These scholarships are administered by The University of the West Indies.Details are available at:

The OFANA Scholarship

The CASE Alumni Group, OFANA Inc. is once again providing scholarship opportunities for current students. Please read through the requirements outlined on the form and if you qualify, complete the application process and rush it to the address given. Deadline: September 9.