Faculty of Food and Agriculture Courses

Master of Science – Agriculture Education

Bachelor of Technology – Agricultural Production and Food Systems Management

Bachelor of Science – Animal Science

Bachelor of Science – Plant Science

Bachelor of Science – Agricultural Education

Associate of Science – General Agriculture

Associate of Science – Veterinary Science

Diploma – General Agriculture

Occupational Associate Degree – Agricultural Food Processing

Occupational Associate Degree – Agriculture Production and Supervision

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology Courses

Bachelor of Technology Degree – Environmental Science

Bachelor of Education – Secondary Education [Major Mathematics or Computer Studies]

Associate Degree – Natural Sciences

Associate of Science Degree – Natural Science [Environmental Science Major]

Faculty of Education and Management Courses

Master of Arts – Education

Master of Arts – Institutional Leadership

Master of Arts – Educational Technology

Master of Education – Mathematics

Master of Education – Literacy

Master of Education – Science

Master of Education – Social Studies

Post Graduate – Education

Bachelor of Education – Advanced Standing

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

Bachelor of Science – Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science – Business Studies

Associate Degree – Hospitality and Tourism Management

Associate Degree – Early Childhood Education

Associate Degree – Business Studies