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Mrs. Caseta Nelson - Dean - Ma. Library & Information Studies, Dip. Public Administration, Ba. Library & Information Studies, Dip. Primary Education

Lectures - Information Literacy


Dr. Amorella Lamount  - HOD (Educational Studies)- Phd. English, Msc. Philospy, Bsc. English, Dip.  Education

Lecturers - Administrative Communication, Introduction to Writing, Technical Writing Skills, Comm. Studies 2&3


Dr. Shalani Golding - HOD (Humanities & Aesthetics) - Phd. Business Administration, Msc. Tourism & Hospitality, Bsc. Tourism Management, Dip. Education, Dip. Computer Technology

Lecturers - Business Law, Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism, Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Relations


Dr. Sheere Brooks - Introductory to Sociology

Mr. Devon Case - Elements of Music 2

Ms. Daneta Cockbourne - Communication 1 & 2, Oral Communication, Communication Studies 1, Foundations of English Grammar

Mrs. Cherise Cotterell - Teaching LA in Primary1, Special Needs in Education, Multigrade Teaching, Managing gifted and Challenged Students

Ms. Ivonne Drysdale - Foreign Language 1, Conversational Spanish, Comm. Studies 1

Mrs. Ruchelle Harvey-Edwards - Caribbean Religious Experience, Citizenship, Business Ethics, Practicum 4

Mr. Jeffrey Grant - Creating and Teaching Visual Arts

Mr. Danovan Hill - Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Economics, Entrepreneurship Studies

Ms. Maxine Jones - Emerging Professional, Classroom Management, Introductory to Psychology, Policy & Structures in Education & Training

Mrs. Cordella Lewinson-Gilpin - Planet Earth, Caribbean Studies, Introduction to Sociology, Tourism Geography

Mrs. Maureen Wilks-Miller - Addressing Children's LIteracy Difficulties, Comm. Studies1, Introduction to Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management

Ms. Carol Pinnock - Introduction to Drama in Primary Ed., Critical Reading in Contemporary Classroom, Comm. Skills, Writing in Science & Technology 

Mr. Anibal Pichardo - Spanish Foundation 1 & 2

Mrs. Georgia Ferguson-Thompson (Guidance Counsellor) - Personal Development

Ms. Michelle Allen - Menu Planning, Customer Service

Mrs. Andrea Fuller-Anderson - Fundamentals of Food Preparation, Food Prep. Theory, Advanced Baking & Cake Decorating, Sanitation, Safety & Hygiene

Mrs. Joan Powell-Barnes - Introduction to Management, Small Business Management Fundamentals of Accounting

Mr. Richardo Gordon - Fundamentals of Information Technology, Business Claculus

Ms. Keshia Haughton - Fundamentals of Accounting, Food, Bev. & Labour Cost Control, Introduction to Management, Financial Accounting 2, Financial Management 1 

Mr. Fazel Huie - International Business Management

Ms. Kameeka Kerr - Fundamentals of Food Preparation

Ms. Monique Oates - Caribbean Tourism, Meeting & Events Management

Mr. Anthony Simpson - Communication 1, Oral Communiction, Caribbean Studies, Research Methodology

Mr. Oneil Smith - Algebra Stats & Problem Solving, Number Concepts1, Foundation Concepts in Mathematics1,2&3, Teaching Maths at the Primary Level

Mrs. Carnett Lewis-Watkis - Fundamentals of Food Preparation