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The Associate of Science Degree in Natural Sciences programme blends theoretical knowledge in the pure and applied sciences with hands-on skills in standard laboratory practices, procedures and techniques. The program aims to train a cadre of scientists with a solid foundation, yet imbued with an orientation towards the application of scientific principles and techniques for social and economic development.

The programme is offered exclusively on the main campus. The duration is two (2) years (four residential semesters) plus one summer for internship.

Among the outcomes the program is designed to achieve is the production of graduates who:

  • understand the nature of scientific inquiry and research;
  • understand how science impacts society from a technical, ethical, legal and socio- economic standpoint, and are able to contribute to Jamaica’s development;
  • recognize the need for life-long learning and continuing professional growth;
  • have the ability and the capacity to assume employment in industries that are critical to Jamaica’s development.

The Associate of Science Degree in Natural Sciences aims to fulfill the needs of the graduates of secondary education for undergraduate study, preparing graduates for employment in relevant fields and for advanced placement in universities, both locally and internationally.

Matriculation Requirements

 The normal entry requirement for the Associate Degree in Natural Science are; 5 CSEC or O’Level Subjects including English Language, Mathematics, 2 Science Subjects and one other subject.

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Associate of Science Degree in Natural Sciences programme is completed over a 2 years period.
  • The programme has a total of 77 credits
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