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The Associate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a variety of options for the student interested in gaining employment in the hospitality industry at an entry level or as a management trainee. The course is offered over a two [2] year period, but students have a maximum of five [5] years within which to complete their studies. Students cover this programme through classroom as well as internship exercises, done in appropriate sectors of the economy. All students pursuing the course are required to complete all specified credits in the programme, unless otherwise exempted [see Prior Learning Document]. Additionally, all students are required to complete two hundred and forty [240] hours of work experience (minimum). Students must also be Team Jamaica Certified and must complete the training for certification in First Aid. This Associate Degree program prepares graduates to compete for various entry-level management careers in the food and beverage management, accommodations and travel and tourism and entertainment industries, depending upon which emphasis is selected. Graduates seek employment in positions with job titles such as hotel/restaurant management trainee, front desk supervisor, food service supervisor, food production assistant, dietary manager, and shift supervisor, assistant manager in hotel/motel/restaurant/institutional operations.

Areas of Specialization

  • Travel and Tourism Management

Travel and tourism in Jamaica and by extension the Caribbean is poised as being one the major contributors to economic development within the next couple of years.

Jamaica’s beautiful spots, scenic mountains, beautiful parks, cultural activities, and river rapids attract thousands of people annually. These attractions result in numerous jobs related to travel, transportation, food services, lodging, and entertainment. One purpose of the Travel and Tourism option is to provide students with an overview of types of jobs in the fields. A second purpose is to acquaint students with key concepts and skills related to the travel businesses.

  • Food and Beverage Management

The Food and Beverage Management program is designed to meet the increasing career opportunities within the hospitality industry. Students will receive proper management skills through an academic classroom experience in addition to hands-on culinary training in a well-equipped, modern kitchen. Graduates will be well-versed in a wide range of management skills, enabling unlimited opportunity.

The programme is also intended to provide educational opportunities to individuals that will enable them to obtain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry. The program is intended to produce graduates who are prepared for entry level employment in mid-to-upper level management positions in restaurant businesses. Graduates specializing in food and beverage management are to be competent in food preparation; menu planning; hospitality marketing; managerial accounting; nutrition; purchasing; employee training; and food, beverage, and labour cost control and management.

  • Accommodation Studies Management

This specialization examines the management of various activities involved in housekeeping, especially in hotels and guest houses accommodation. It produces a thorough overview from the big picture of maintaining quality staff, planning and organizing to the technical details of plant maintenance and hotel planning and design.

  • Entertainment and Events Management

Successful entertainment and event activities are critical to guest retention and publicity. This programme focuses on the details required when planning events in the entertainment environment; especially in the tourism market. The emphasis is on the planning of entertainment events in a systematic manner that will ensure their success.

Matriculation Requirements

  1. Standard forms of matriculation

An applicant MUST have a minimum of five (5) passes in subjects at CSEC or

GCE O’Level including English ‘A’ (CSEC) or English Language (GCE O’Level)

and CSEC Mathematics

  1. Alternate forms of matriculation
  2. Equivalent qualification(s) as determined by the CCCJ
  3. Mature Status as determined by the CCCJ
  4. Level 3 HEART NVQJ Certification

Target Group

This programme targets any of the following individuals:

  • Persons with industry experience seeking certification
  • Persons with industry experience who need formal training.
  • Persons who want to change their career path
  • High school graduates interested in careers in Hospitality and Tourism management

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism management  Programme may be completed within 2 years full time and 3 years part time which includes one summer.
  • The programme has a total of 70 credits


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