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  • Duration 104 week
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  • Language English
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CASE’s Associate of Science Degree in Natural Science [Environmental Science Major] blends hands-on, high-level skills with theoretical knowledge in specific technologically intensive disciplines by combining the study of specific discipline with the associated technology. This course will serve the direct pre-requisite to the B. Tech. in Environmental Science. The goal of this program is to ensure the furtherance of sustainable development through the promotion of concern for the future, responsible use of natural resources, and social and inter-generational equity.

This is a two-year program primarily aimed at producing students with the intellectual skills and scholastic background needed to:

  • Understand the complex interactions between humans and their environment and the problems that may invariably arise.
  • Understand the causes and effects of global conditions.
  • Become aware of the need to protect their environment.
  • Utilize skills gained from practical experiences to contribute to Jamaica’s sustainable development. 

Matriculation Requirements

The normal entry requirement for the Associate Degree in Natural Science are; 5 CSEC or O’Level Subjects including English Language, Mathematics, 2 Science Subjects and one other subject.

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Associate of Science Degree in Natural Sciences [Environmental Science Major] programme is completed over a 2 years period
  • The programme has a total of 77 credits
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