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The Postgraduate Diploma in Education aims to prepare individuals with the knowledge, pedagogical and andragogical skills and positive attitudes necessary to serve as effective instructors at varying levels of the education system. Courses cover a wide range of educational theory, policy and practice. The programme, through its courses will further broaden one’s understanding of topics such as education policy, equity and evaluation in education, theories in teaching and learning and the use of learning innovative technologies. The programme consists of six core courses, two electives, and one teaching methodology option for a total of 33 credits. The programme duration is three (3) semesters. Semesters 1 and II offer taught courses while Practicum is completed in Semester III. 

Matriculation Requirements

The minimum admissions requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma in Education is a Bachelor’s degree in a CXC/CSEC secondary.

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Post Graduate Programme may be completed within 18 Months part time which includes one summer
  • The programme has a total of 33 credits


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