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The Diploma in Agriculture was conceptualized in order to respond to the need for skilled practitioners in specific areas of agriculture. As agricultural production advances into the 21st Century, needs and priorities change continuously.  There is thus an increasing need for highly trained technicians who will be working in the front line of practical agriculture.  The Diploma in Agriculture prepares individuals to possess a broad knowledge of agriculture, who are creative and sensitive and can contribute significantly to sustainable agricultural production in direct, technical and support capacities.

Upon completion of the programme individuals should:

  • be able to function in jobs requiring knowledge and skills in agricultural endeavours at the middle management level. Specifically, they should be able to work as farm managers, develop and manage their own agricultural enterprise, provide technical support in agricultural entities such as feed companies, chemical companies and large scale production units.
  • understand the legacy of agriculture and the contributions of advances in the agricultural sciences to the development of societies.
  • be cognizant of the need to keep abreast of developments in agriculture and related disciplines and take advantage of opportunities for lifelong learning and development.
  • be able to articulate into the Associate degree or take advantage of other opportunities for educational advancement
  • understand the technical, ethical, legal, cultural and socio-economic framework of the agricultural sciences especially in light of the inter – relationship between agriculture and other disciplines.
  • be able to relate to persons of other disciplines.
  • display flexibility in response to the dynamic nature of academia and the workplace.
  • be poised to contribute to and benefit from the synergies of team work.
  • display appropriate corporate etiquette.

Programme Specialization

The Programme It is comprised of a range of courses in agriculture and allows the students to specialize in one of three (3) areas.

  1. Livestock Production
  2. Turf Management and Landscaping
  3. Crop Production

Matriculation Requirements

  •  Normal Entry Requirements

 The Minimum requirement for entry into the Diploma programme is 4 CSEC or O’Level Subjects including English Language and 1 Science Subject

  • Alternative Entry Requirements

Mature students who do not possess the normal minimum entry requirements may be given considerations on a case-by-case basis for acceptance, via the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) method. The candidate must provide evidence of sustained employment within the field of agriculture with sufficient opportunity to gain experience that can be applied in the area being sought for enrolment.

Programme Duration and Credits

The programme is completed over a two year period with three residential semesters of instruction (lab/classroom) and eight weeks of internship in the fourth semester.

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