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The Master of Arts in Educational Technology aims to prepare individuals with the knowledge, andragogical and pedagogical skills and positive attitudes necessary to serve as effective instructors at the secondary and/or adult education level. Courses cover a wide range of educational theories, policies, and practices. The programme, through its various courses, will further understandings in topics such as education policy, equity, and evaluation in education, theories in learning and teaching and learning technologies. 

This particular degree is geared towards technology integration within the classroom and as such will guide the educational professionals to promote and foster excellent digital citizenship. The candidates of the Masters of Arts in Education will be trained to utilize research and publication skills as an integral aspect of being a reflective practitioner. Ultimately; the programme through its courses will extend the capacity building of teachers, enabling them to model desired cognitive traits including but not limited to critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning.  

A direct focus of these masters will embrace the development of research skills and investigates theories and practices in a range of areas of educational technology. Through a range of learning experiences across courses, the programme aims to develop a rigorous approach to the theory/practice in the field of educational technology. 

Matriculation Requirements

 The minimum admissions requirement for the Masters of Arts in Education is a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 or above, undergraduate education based on the Master’s degree option selected from the array of specialization

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Masters Programme may be completed within 2 years part time including summers.
  • The programme has a total of 39 credits


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