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The Bachelor in Education programme is offered at the college’s main campus in Passley Gardens, Port Antonio, Portland, and at the offsite centres when there is a prescribed cohort of students requiring the programme. The degree programme is offered in five areas.  These are Early Childhood/Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Primary Specialization eg. Literacy, Spanish, Mathematics, Social Studies, Special Education and Secondary Subjects in Mathematics, English Language, Science, Social Studies, Business, Science and Information Technology.  Normally students are required to pursue these programmes for four years of fulltime study unless they have been granted advanced placement. 

Matriculation Requirements

The minimum admissions requirement for the Bachelors of Education is that all candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Five CXC/CSEC subjects including English A and Mathematics at the general Proficiency Grades I,II and III (effective June 1998) or their equivalent.
  2. Students reading Early Childhood, Primary, Literary Studies and Special Education should normally possess the requirements stated in (i) which should include a physical science subject and either a Social Science subject or an Arts subject
  3. In addition to the requirements set out at (i) and (ii), students reading Primary specializations must have the following:
    1. Literacy Studies – Primary – CXC/CSEC English B General Proficiency Grades I,II,III A or GCE ‘O’ Level English Literature Grades A equivalent
    2. Candidates for Mature Entry
      1. Candidates over the age of 30 years seeking admission into the programme and who do not have the academic qualifications set out above but who have completed at least 5 years of teaching in one or more recognized schools must establish clear evidence of their competence in the field.

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Bachelor of Education programme is offered within 4 years on a full time basis and a part-time duration
  • The programme has a total of 135 credits
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