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Launched since the Jamaica School of Agriculture, and in keeping with its mandate as a multi-disciplinary institution, CASE’s Associate Degree in General Agriculture programme blends theoretical knowledge in Agricultural and the sciences with hands-on skills in farming and laboratory practices, procedures, techniques and general education exposure. As well, the programme prepares students in entrepreneurship with the view that some students will enter into their own businesses.

Students graduating from this programme may enter most jobs requiring knowledge of agriculture and related fields.  In addition, graduates are equipped to do further studies in a  variety of areas, some of which are Environmental Science, Nutrition/Dietetics, Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Agricultural Education/Extension. They should demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic agricultural principles and practices. Specifically they should be able to:

  1. Contribute to the development of human resources in the field of agriculture
  2. Manage at the supervisory level an agricultural enterprise and its resources and provide feasible optional pathways to the solutions of problems in agriculture and related fields.
  3. Demonstrate environmentally sustainable best practices in livestock, crops and an integrated agricultural operation.
  4. Understand information communication technology and its uses in agriculture to analyze data
  5. Contribute to the development and/or execution of research activities in their area of specialization to increase the knowledge base, to answer questions or solve specific problems; using the scientific approach.
  6. Develop, operate and manage an agricultural enterprise successfully.
  7. Understand the legacy of agriculture and the contributions of advances in the agricultural sciences to the development of modern societies.
  8. keep abreast of current development trends in agriculture and related disciplines and take advantage of opportunities for lifelong learning and development.
  9. understand the technical, ethical, legal, cultural and socio-economic framework of the agricultural sciences especially in light of the inter – relationship between agriculture and other disciplines.
  10. Communicate effectively with persons of other disciplines at levels and display appropriate corporate etiquette.

Matriculation Requirements

  •  Normal Entry Requirements

 The normal entry requirement for the Associate Degree in General Agriculure are; 5 CSEC or O’Level Subjects including English Language, Mathematics, 2 Science Subjects and one other subject. OR Grade 1 Certificate from Knockalva or Sydney Pagan Agricultural schools, or Ebony Park HEART Academy Levels 1 & 2 Certificates in Farm Maintenance.

  • Alternative Entry Requirements

Mature students who do not possess the normal minimum entry requirements may be given considerations on a case-by-case basis for acceptance, via the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) method. The candidate must provide evidence of sustained employment within the field of agriculture with sufficient opportunity to gain experience that can be applied in the area being sought for enrolment.

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The programme is completed over a 2 years period
  • The programme has a total of 82 credits
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