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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management is designed with industry participation and advice and seeks to cater to these needs, by providing students with an opportunity to develop knowledge, competencies and skills that are relevant to the field. The Programme is a four-year undergraduate programme, providing two exit points for participants in the programme (one at year 2 and the other at the end of year 4). The programme is a dynamic one, where students will be exposed to industry practices and experiences as much as possible during its delivery. The programme is also dynamic because of the methods of assessment that will be used throughout. Students will to a large extent be conducting research-based activities, lots of application assignments and a period of internship to be done in the industry. 

Matriculation Requirements

Applicant must possess an Associate degree issued by the CCCJ.

It should be noted that the qualifying degree must be in an area relevant to the intended programme of study. Applicants who fail to meet this criterion will be required to complete the necessary bridging courses at the Associate degree level prior to being afforded acceptance.

  1. Alternate forms of articulation
    1. A current student who has ended the final semester of a CCCJ Associate degree programme and trailing no more than six (6) credits.

The following conditions shall apply.

    1. The qualifying degree must be in an area relevant to the intended programme of study.
    2. The outstanding credits cannot be from a first year course.
    3. The outstanding credits cannot be from a course leading to a specialization/major.
  1. Equivalent qualification(s) as determined by the CCCJ
  2. Mature Status as determined by the CCCJ

Programme Duration and Credits

  • The Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Management  programme may be completed within 2 years  Fulltime and 3 years part time which includes summers.
  • The programme has a total of 70 credits
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